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About us

Who we are

Welcome to Blue Cube Developments. We are honoured to showcase our portfolio that has been developed threw our dedication to today's construction industry and to your projects

We like to think we think outside the box

Blue Cube Developments challenges the status quo in building and property development. We believe in thinking differently. We are driven by our passion to deliver outstanding project that our clients can only imagine. 


Our team



There are many variations of what a client or as developers see as to what style needs to fit the construction that will capture the buyer's eye.

Blue Cube will help design and execute the style that matches for a stunning visual impact to will bring potential buyers through the door.

  • Stylish
  • Modern Elegance
  • Practicality


With years of experience, Blue cube represents the pinnacle of building encompassed from our execution. The attention to detail stems from property specifications, soil testing and structural integrity.

We aim to execute with the highest standards within todays building practice with an eye to the future and the new energy saving techniques that gurantees quility into todays architectural designs.

  • Sustainable
  • Modern Design
  • Efficiency


Our vision is to improve the success of our clients’ businesses. This is reflected in the advice we provide and the relationships we develop with our clients. We provide legal expertise tailored to the construction industry. We understand the issues that your business faces and ways to manage and mitigate those risks.

We have advised on a myriad of complex issues including variations, defects, liquidated damages, complex company structures and insolvency.

  • Legalities
  • Contract Consultation
  • Debt Recovery


We are always open to the media outlets and have been invited regularly on free to air shows that showcase our stunning designs and what went into bring them to life.

With features on Open Homes Australia, to new piolot shows Such as Renovate or Rebuild, you can find Bojan showcasing his knowlege and experience to those new to the property industry or ones looking to revamp their homes.

  • Showcase
  • Demonstrate
  • Entertainment

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