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Case Studies

Built offsite


Grappling with this unresolved opportunity and its compelling vista, Melbourne based architectural firm Konzepte in collaboration with the developer Blue Cube Developments realised a vision that delivers not only a property of engaging architectural dimensions, but one that also demonstrates savvy use of progressive prefabricated technology using structural panels.

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The Insulving System

What is the InsulLiving® System?

Australian homes have been designed and built basically the same way for many years. The need to protect our environment and to conserve energy has become the catalyst for revolutionary change in the Australian building industry.The InsulLiving® system is the Quicker, Leaner, Smarter and Greener future of residential housing in Australia.

This system addresses the needs of today’s environmentally conscious home owner; providing freedom of design, reduced costs, a reduced build time and energy savings over the life of the home.

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