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The InsulLiving® System

What is the InsulLiving® System?

Australian homes have been designed and built basically the same way for many years. The need to protect our environment and to conserve energy has become the catalyst for revolutionary change in the Australian building industry.

The InsulLiving® system is the Quicker, Leaner, Smarter and Greener future of residential housing in Australia.

This is achieved through the use of fully engineered and tested insulated panels, which form a complete thermal shell to protect the home from extreme hot and cold weather.

Bondor’s InsulLiving® system combines the revolutionary, lightweight and strong InsulWall® and SolarSpan® panels, with residential specific floor and roof channels. This product offers builders and designers a fully engineered, Building Code of Australia compliant building system, that is purpose designed for use in Australia, and is even acceptable in cyclonic regions.

The revolutionary InsulLiving® system is comparable to a hybrid car. The automotive industry has continually evolved since its conception, and now we wouldn't dream of driving cars built traditionally. The automotive industry have been revolutionized over decades to improve efficiency and reduce environmental impacts. Contrast this with Australia's construction industry, which has remained essentially the same over many decades. Why continue using inefficient, costly building methods? Join the InsulLiving® revolution, the future of construction in Australia.